Mandatory Company Portal 2018: How to create?

New obligation from 2018

From 1st January 2018, there is a new obligation for every Hungarian registered company. A so-called Company Portal must be opened by each business entity. What is this portal? Basically it is an electronic messaging system between the state and the enterprise. It will be used to upload and download all kinds of official documents, therefore, making it more simple to keep contact with the government.

Who may open the Company Portal?

The Company Portal may be opened by:

  • The official representative of the company (i.e. general manager)
  • An assigned person authorized by the representative of the enterprise

How to open the Company Portal?

Company Portal may be opened electronically at the following site.

What documents are required?

In case of the company is represented by the general manager:

  • An electronic Government Portal opened previously for the general manager ( In this case, the representation is validated automatically based on the Hungarian personal tax number.

In case of the company is represented by an authorized person:

  • A signed and scanned version of a written authorization between the company and the assigned person
  • An electronic version of company extract
  • Scanned version of specimen of signature