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Who we are

We are Whispering Tree, an accounting firm situated in Budapest, Hungary that is specialized in #company registration, #seat service and complex #accounting and #taxation tasks. We also handle #company dissolution and #immigration issues. We represent a cost-effecitve alternative for big international accounting and law firms.

What we do

Company registration, virtual office

#Company registration, #Bank account opening, #Seat service (virtual office)

Starting a Hungarian enterprise including official seat, domestic bank accounts, VIP service, personal escort, full English-language support. Hungarian-English bilingual documents for only 499 EUR.

Accounting, payroll, taxation

#Accounting, #Payroll, #Taxation

Complete bookkeeping, payroll, taxation and external audit services for enterprises with competitive fees.
We provide discount if you obtain our seat service also!

Accounting, payroll, taxation
Immigration issues

#Immigration issues

Application for Hungarian residence permit, preparation of invitation letter and business plan, VIP services, personal escort to the Immigration Office.
Success based fees.

Accounting, payroll, taxation

#Company dissolution

Closing down companies in an effecitve, fast and reliable way with competitive fees.
Full administration and support during the whole process.

Company dissolution
Business consultancy

#Business consultancy

General business, taxation and corporate law consultancy. Representation in front of the Hungarian authorities.

Fees and Quotation

We introduced market leading prices.

Why we provide more

Unique solutions, competitive prices

Free consultancy

Our first consultancy is free of charge, so You may gather information without obligation.

Professional experience, liability

We have uniersity degree and liability insurance.

Full English-language support

Our team has a high-level professional English-language knowledge. Therefore, we provide all of our services for foreign Customers also.

Young attitude

We represent a modern, flexible and customer-oriented attitude. We also apply cost-effective on-line solutions.

Services at our Customer's office or document collection by courier

We provide our full-scale accounting work at the office of our Client without moving the documents. It is also possible to let us collect the necessary documents by courier.

International accounting and reporting, bookkeeping for groups

Our employees have significant experience with business administration of international companies. For us, it is not a challenge to develop and prepare IFRS or US GAAP reports.

VIP services

Personal escort and support for our Clients during the whole process. Travel services, so you do not have to ask for a taxi.

Confidence and discretion

In our profession, confidence is crucial. We protect the business secrets of our Clients with great care.


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