COVID-19: Curfew introduced in Hungary

Curfew was introduced in Hungary

The government edict nr. 71/2020. (III. 27.) about a temporary curfew in Hungary was announced at 27th March 2020.

It will remain in effect for a definite period of time between 28th March 2020 and 10th April 2020. The stepping-out restrictions will not be effective from 11th April 2020.

For those who do not speak Hungarian at a proper level, understanding the articles of the curfew edict may be a challenge. Our small blog post would like to help those people to survive the oncoming days.

What are the general regulations of the Hungarian curfew edict?

  • The curfew is applicable for all the people staying in the territory of Hungary.
  • Everybody should minimize his social interactions at keep a distance of 1.5 meters or more from other people if possible. This is also applicable if someone uses mass transit.
  • It is now forbidden to stay in restaurants excepts for the employees and for customers who are taking away their packed foods.
  • One needs a valid reason to leave his/her officially registered address.

What are the valid reasons to leave home during the curfew?

  • Going to and coming back from work; Buying material and merchandise (goods) in connection with work.
  • Accompanying infants and children.
  • Going to visit the doctor or to obtain other healthcare services including the mental health services (e.g. psychiatrist).
  • Outdoor training, walking and other sport activities alone or with family members or people living at the same address. Although, one must keep at least a 1.5 meter separation.
  • Marriage and funeral in a closed family circle
  • Buying at groceries, drogeries, pharmacies and markets
  • Buying food for pets and animals
  • Buying agricultural materials and tools
  • Going to the gas station to refill the vehicle
  • Buying tobacco products
  • Visit the hairdresser, the manicurist (nail art)
  • Obtaining cleaning, washing and transportation services
  • Obtaining car and bicycle repair services
  • Handling waste and obtaining the corresponding services
  • Obtaining postal, bank and government services by person but only at the necessary level (i.e. the service cannot be obtained from home)
  • Feeding animals, pet walking, obtaining veterinary services
  • Carrying out parental obligations and rights (e.g. visiting children)
  • Visiting churches

Curfew rules for elderly people

People at the age of 65 or more can only visit shops, pharmacies, drogeries and markets every day between 9 and 12 p.m. (i.e. 9-12). In this period of time, however, other people must not stay in the stores. Except the staff of course. So the government wants to separate the elderly from other people as much as possible.

Legal consequences of the violation of the curfew edict

The police are responsible for controlling and checking the regulations of the curfew edict. Although, the police is entitled to involve the help of other government organizations like the military police.

Violation of the rules of the curfew is considered as a misconduct and the penalty may range from 5.000.-HUF to 500.000.-HUF.

The police are also entitled to use force at the necessary level (e.g. arrest, or detention).

What documents you may need during the curfew?

There are no regulations regarding to the documents you should carry. However, we – based on our experience – recommend the following documents to keep with you all the time you leave your home:

  • ID card, Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Address card or white paper card issued by the Immigration Office
  • ID card passport etc. of your children if you are with them
  • Copy of ID card, passport etc. of you children if you are about to visit them
  • A written certificate issued by your employer to testify your nature and place of work
  • All corresponding documents if you visit the bank or the post office (e.g. bank contracts, letter, receipts etc.). This helps you to prove your purpose of visit


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