Documents needed for company incorporation in Hungary

Documents needed for company registration in Hungary

The necessary documents may be classified into 3 categories:

  1. Documents that should be prepared, if the owners are natural persons
  2. Documents necessary for company formation, if the owners are legal persons
  3. Documents that should be filed to the Hungarian court and are part of the company registration process
  4. Internal documents that will not be filed to the court but are necessary to establish proper legal connections
  5. Special documents that are required if the founders cannot be present personally

If the owners are natural persons

If the owner is a natural person, the following documents are needed for the company registration process:

  1. Passport or personal ID card, if the owner is an EU citizen
  2. A document that proves the home address of the owner
  3. Any certification that states the personal Tax ID number of the owner (e.g. P60 form in the UK)

If the owner are legal persons or organizations

If the owner is a legal person or an organization, a document is needed which states the fact of the incorporation/registration of the legal person or organization in its home country (e.g. a certification of registration issued by the local court). The document also have to indicate the person or persons who are entitled to represent the legal person during the company incorporation process.

The representative should bring the documents that are mentioned in the previous section.

Documents required for the company registration process

The following documents will be countersigned and filed to the court by the lawyer:

  1. Articles/Contract of incorporation – this is the founding documents of every Hungarian company. For faster and cheaper registration process, a so called template is used
  2. Assignment of delivery – Every foreign citizen or legal person should have an assignee of delivery who receives and forwards its mails in its name. Usually, we connect this to our official seat service contract
  3. Founder’s resolution – It states the decisions about the Hungarian company formation, its name and the CEO plus any additional facts if necessary
  4. Managing directors declarations – there are basically 4 of them:
    1. Declaration of the acceptance of the position of CEO
    2. Declaration on the fact that he or she is not under the effect of a ban or restriction in Hungary as a CEO
    3. Declaration on the fact that the seat address is used legally for business purposes. This is based on our official seat service contract.
    4. Declaration on the payment of the registered capital
  5. List of shareholders – the detailed list of every owner
  6. Identification form – this form lets the lawyer to check whether the owner or the CEO is a criminal, terrorist or wanted by the police for any reasons
  7. Assignment for the lawyer and draft of case – this authorizes the lawyer to represent the company in front of the Hungarian court during the company registration process

Internal documents

Internal documents consist of the following documents:

  • Contract for the company registration process
  • Contract for the accounting and seat services
  • Authorization for opening a bank account and to represent the newly established Hungarian company in front of the tax office (these documents are crucial for moving on after registration)

What if the founders cannot be present personally during the company registration?

In this case, an official authorization is required and the identity of the founders must be clearly and legally certified.

The standard process is to obtain an apostille in the home country of the owner. The typical cost ranges from 30 to 50 EUR.

Based on that, we can do the rest and sign the documents on the behalf of our Customer.

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Company registration in Hungary

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