How to register private mini hotels in NTAK?

Legal background

There is a new law came into effect. According to that from 1st of January 2020, the National Tourist Data Providing Center (NTAK) will take over most of the licensing and data processing tasks from the local governments.

Because of that, during December 2019, all the hotel service provider classified as other and private mini hotels should register in the online system of NTAK. From 2020, guestbook must be maintained electronically and mini hotels are obliged to send data online to NTAK’s system.

Legal classification of mini-hotels and short-term rental activity in Hungary

If you plan to do short-term rental in Hungary, basically, you may face two legal classifications (239/2009 X.20. government edict):

  • Private mini-hotel (magánszálláshely): the flat/apartment is operated by a private person or a private enterprise. In both cases, the persons should have a valid tax number in Hungary (not personal tax number but a VAT number). The limits for the private-mini hotel are 8 beds and 16 persons.
  • Other mini-hotel (egyéb szálláshely): the place is operated by a legal person or organization (e.g. a company). This usually required the reclassification of the property. The limits for the other mini-hotel are 25 rooms and 100 beds.

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What do you need prior to NTAK registration?


If you operate a private mini hotel, you will need to have Ügyfélkapu registration ( This can only be done personally. If you stay in Hungary, that is a relatively easy task. If you are situated outside of Hungary, you will have to visit the Hungarian Embassy. In both cases, you will need a valid passport in order to complete the registration.

Hungarian tax number

Also, you will need a Hungarian tax number for VAT and invoicing purposes. The format of this number is like this: 12345678-1-12. It is not the same as the private tax number, which you must have if you own a property in Hungary. The format for that is: 1234567890 (10 digits).

How can you obtain a Hungarian tax number? Either you visit the Tax Office Customer Service and fill out a form called T101 or you submit the same form electronically using your Ügyfélkapu. Of course, you may need the help of a local professional for that.

How to do NTAK registration?

You will have to login to and do the registration. If you want to authorize somebody to do the registration in your name, first, you will provide the person an electronic power of attorney by using (RNY).

The registration should be an easy task, once you have all the above mentioned things.

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