New and strict invoicing regulations take effect from 1st July 2018

Important changes in the invoicing legislation from 1st July 2018

The limit of VAT to be reported is decreased from 1.000.000.-HUF to 100.000.-HUF.

The data to be reported will be extended dramatically.

  • All the mandatory data of the invoice must be reported
  • Data reporting will be separated from VAT return

Data to be reported by the issuer of the invoice

In case of invoicing software

If the invoice is issued by using computer program, the software should be able to submit the data to the Tax Office right immediately after the issuance in XML format.

In case of using pre-printed invoice format

If pre-printed invoice is used, data submission should be performed through the Tax Office’s online webpage after 5 days of the issuance. If the VAT in the invoice exceeds 500.000.-HUF, the data submission should be done within 1 day.

Data to be reported by the buyer

The data reporting liability  is the same as before, however, the reporting limit will be lowered to 100.000.-HUF.

To fulfill the data reporting obligation, the tax payers may query the reported invoicing data from the online database.

How to fulfill the report obligation?

In case of software

Invoicing computer programs should be able to fulfill the requirements and send the necessary data online automatically.

The taxpayer may use the old version of the invoicing software until the first occasion of VAT exceeding 100.000.-HUF.

The tax payer may also decide to submit all invoicing data independently from the value of VAT. However, this is optional.

In case of pre-printed invoice

Data submission may be done through the webpage of the Tax Office. Preliminary registration is required is to use the system.

The web page of the Tax Office may be accessed here: