Immigration to Hungary

Are you considering relocating to Hungary?

If you are about to immigrate to Hungary this article, based on our professional experience of the past years, gives you a good overview of the legal possibilities of obtaining a Hungarian residence permit.

A brief overview of Hungary

Hungary is part of the European Union (EU) and part of Schengen Zone. Hungary is a relatively small country situated in the mild or moderate climate area with a population of about 10 million.

Costs of living are low compared to the other members of the EU.

Also, refer to the following Wikipedia links about this topic.

It matters where you are coming from

If you are arriving to Hungary from EU and holding an EU citizenship, there is a simplified procedure (named registration process) in order to get a residence permit.

If you are coming from outside of EU (i.e. not holding an EU citizenship, in other words: you are migrating from a “third country”), there is a standard application and evaluation procedure you have to go through before getting a legal residency status in Hungary.

Basic types of residence permits in Hungary

The following are the basic legal categories of residency in Hungary. Please note that not all the titles are listed here just those which affect most of our clients who want to migrate to Hungary. Also, we do not list refugee status here, since we do not deal with those applications.

  • Study
  • Family reunification
  • Gainful activity and employment (work)
  • Other reason

For all the residence permits, you will need valid travel documents (basically: a passport). Please note that your document should not be expired during your stay in Hungary. Also, you will need to certify that you can leave the country on your own cost and by your own will when your Hungarian residence permit expires.

Also, you are obliged testify a valid residency in Hungary (i.e. a valid address where you stay like a flat or a house). To prove this, you need a rental contract and a declaration of acceptance from the side of the owner of the property. If you have a property in Hungary, you may prove your legality by a property registration sheet (“tulajdoni lap” in Hungarian) issued by the local Land Office (“Földhivatal).

Residency for the purpose of Study

If you are coming from a third country (non-EU citizen), you may apply for a residency in Hungary for the purpose of study if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are full-time and day-time the student of a Hungarian educational institute
  • You paid the fee of the education
  • You certify that you have eligible language knowledge to participate in the study

If you are holding a Hungarian residence card with the purpose of study, you are also entitled to have a part time job in the country. That means a maximum of 20 hours weekly employment.

Also, you may start a Hungarian private enterprise and enjoy the benefits of the popular KATA taxation system (25.000.-HUF/month fixed tax in each month). You may also find interesting our article about KATA.

Family reunification

Family reunification residence permit may be issued for the persons who are non-EU citizens and have a non-EU citizen relative already living in Hungary based on:

  • Valid residence permit
  • Permanent settlement
  • Refugee status

Residency for the purpose of gainful activity or employment

If you arrive to Hungary from a third country (non-EU citizen), you may apply for a residency for the purpose of pursuing gainful activity or employment.

This is the right choice for you, if you are running or plan to start a business and want to take part in your own business’ activity.

You will need the following supporting documents:

  • Business plan
  • Founding documents of your enterprise
  • Bank statements of your business
  • Certificate of your private funds (e.g. bank statements, declaration of support by your relative etc.). Please note that it is advisable that you present around 10.000.- EUR/year/capita of private funds.
  • Description of your business activity
  • A document about your wage in your company (e.g. a founder’s resolution)

Staying in Hungary for other reason

If you do not fall in the above basic categories, other reason is the best choice.

Universities will report this category to the Immigration Office for the period you prepare your diplom.

Also, this is the ideal category for you, if you are starting a business in Hungary. We highly recommend this to our clients in this case. Why?

Since other reason does NOT require the followings:

  • Proof of your regular income in Hungary
  • Tax certificates
  • Regular social security payments in your business. This may be as high as 130.000.-HUF/capita/month!

With other reason, you may require the Immigration Office to issue a Hungarian residence permit for you till the time you start up your business and produce some income. Immigration Office requires at least 6 month of business income but 1 year is the optimal.

Usually, our advice is as follows.

  • Step1: Start your business and apply for a residence card with other reason. Go like this for 1 or 2 years.
  • Step2: If your business is going well, apply for a residence permit with the purpose of gainful activity
  • Step3: After spending enough time in Hungary, you may consider permanent residency

How can we help you?

We can aid your process with the followings.

  • General consultancy with a lawyer about residency in Hungary
  • Application for residency in Hungary with full legal and professional support
  • Representation in front of authorities
  • Official translations of documents
  • Travel and accompany you to the Immigration Office

You may also find very useful information of the website of the Immigration Office:


If you have further questions or would like to request and inquiry, please feel free to contact us.



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