Special processes introduced in our office due to Coronavirus situation

Taking responsibility due to Coronavirus situation

Our enterprise is not significantly affected by Coronavirus situation thanks to the fact that we do not have a large number of clients visiting us on a daily basis. Besides, none of our clients visited us recently was infected or came from a country affected by Coronavirus.

Although, we recognize the danger or Coronavirus infection and understand our responsibility in participating the fight against the epidemy.

We ask for the cooperation and understanding of our Clients

According to the current Coronavirus situation in Hungary, we decided to make introduce the followings:

  • We would like to minimize the personal contacts. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask our Clients who have symptoms and/or recently visited a country affected by Coronavirus not to visit our office and inform us about this fact.
  • We would like to focus on online or phone consultancy and on sharing/signing documents electronically, by post or courier.
  • We make it possible for our Clients to disinfect their hands in our office. In addition, we would like to ask the people visiting us to carefully wash their hands.
  • We emphasize hygiene in our office by cleaning up with disinfectant chemicals. This may result an inconvenient odor.
  • Elderly Clients will be treated with extreme care
  • And last but not least, we do not shake hands and we do not take it as an impolite act if our Clients do so

Helping enterprises during Coronavirus situation

Due to the fact that the Coronavirus situation may last even months and cause an unforeseen damage, we would like to give a helping hand to the businesses:

  • We help in temporary suspension of private/sole enterprises
  • We help in employment decisions and administration (e.g. temporary suspension of employment)
  • We would like to provide a discount for those business who suffer significant damage due to Coronavirus

We hope the the Coronavirus empidemy will be stopped soon by the authorities and by the cooperation of the people and life can be back to its normal flow.